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With Jasmine

Jasmine’s Reading Schedule

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Anything Is Possible In A Reading 
An Open Heart & An Open Mind Are The Greatest Tools We Have To  Work  With


I have 20yrs experience as a psychic reader & my purpose is to give you the tools to help yourself.  In a session with me you will not only feel uplifted & empowered but you should walk away with insightful information to help you better understand your souls journey, the greater possibilities of your path ahead & the life your creating. I work inter-dimensionally & use various tools of guidance from tarot to mediumship. I work as one with the higher counsels of light for deeper insights & wisdom for those seeking spiritual guidance.


I am a reiki energy healer & have developed my own techniques of healing over the years & have a special connection to Inner Child healing using a technique which was channelled to me after my own healing & exploration of the Inner Child over 20 yrs ago. I'm also a hypnotherapist & use regression techniques for past life healing.

Chakra clearing & balancing

Energy blocks

Negative energy clearing

Removing energy chords & hooks

Crystal healing & alignment

Past life regression

Grief & Trauma